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Outlook2CRM Version Log

 Outlook2CRM Version 1.2.2

Posted on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 4:08 PM
  • Added support for Exchange public folders! Users can now select e-mail items in Exchange public folders to use with Outlook2CRM actions.
  • Added support for "Addin_IncludeAttachedFiles" property for buttons. Addin buttons can optionally support this property to trigger the save attachments dialog for any action
  • Added diagnostics tool for troubleshooting workstation/client issues
  • Added new debug mode for logging of all integration actions and data access
  • Added support for saving attachments to matched contact from Activity & History action buttons
  • Fixed attachment description field for saved attachments to avoid errors for long attachment file names
  • Fixed issue where some addin button images would not appear after loading unless the Outlook2CRM toolbar was refreshed
  • Fix issue where the sender is used, instead of the matched contact on the Insert New Ticket screen in cases where a different contact is selected instead of using the matched one
  • Fixed installation issue for Terminal Service or Citrix multi-user environment where the addin is not registered for all users
  • Miscellaneous fixes for "Ticket" screen (Default ticket for existing ticket option to current ticket if matches the e-mail's contact and disable controls unless option selected
  • Miscellaneous fixes for "Contact" screen (disabling controls unless option selected and some code optimization)
  • Fixes with Outlook integration for toolbar to better remeber location in Outlook between sessions
  • Several core library updates & fixes (moved from release 2 to release 8)
  • Migrated code-base to Visual Studio 2008 (still targeting .NET Framework 2.0)