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 The New Contact Match Dialog

Those who have been involved in the internal beta for Outlook2CRM will see a new change in the Contact Match dialog in the new 0.9.1 beta build.

For those who haven't seen Outlook2CRM yet, all (well most) e-mail need to match up to a contact in SalesLogix. The sender's e-mail address needs to either match up with an existing e-mail address, or you'll need to do one of the following actions: 1) Select an existing contact to match the sender to (in case you don't already have the e-mail address entered on the contact record), 2) create a new contact on an existing account for the sender, or 3) create a new contact and a new account for the sender. All of this is done from a single reusable dialog called the contact match dialog. This dialog can be used from custom buttons as well so you don't need tp worry about all that matching stuff.

So, in the latest build that will be released this week to the internal beta includes a new and improved contact match dialog.

The old dialog looked like this:

Here is the new one:

So what's the difference? Well, there's one major difference...

While the old dialog was hard-coded in Outlook2CRM, the new one is built in Architect!

What this means is that you can now customize the dialog if needed. We've had requests in the past to even do the slightest customizations, maybe change the lookup used to select a contact or account, tweak things here or there, or whatever. However, even bigger than that is that this change opens the door for some of he biggests feature requests for Outlook2CRM to date. Things like the ability to do more than just create. Having the ability to both create a ticket from an e-mail as well as update, or add to, an existing ticket (same changes can, and will be made now for other functions in Outlook2CRM as well for opportunities, contacts, etc).

The old dialog, which was an idea brought over from the other Customer FX product, the Outlook Ticket Addin. The problem is that this idea (having the hard-coded dialog launched from the button in Outlook) is just plain inflexible. There are some downsides to having this critical dialog being open and available in Architect, but we're trusting Outlook2CRM developers and the added flexibility will be so much more worth it. And you will still have properties for Outlook2CRM addin buttons to be able to turn the contact match dialog on and off as needed, just as before. 

Published Saturday, January 20, 2007 9:41 PM by Ryan Farley


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